The Price Is Right....Or Is It?

Bill Kinnard, Grandy & Associates

Improper labor pricing is the #1 killer of small businesses today! This session will cover all the basics of profitable labor pricing using a Sample Company and ten (10) filled in worksheets. Most companies are aware of the basic overhead costs; however, the two HIGHEST costs of doing business (cost of non-billable time and equipment replacement costs) are often left out. Remember - If you are not priced right nothing else matters. Be sure to take time to attend this basic foundational program.

The Huge Cost of Non-Billable Time and What to Do About It

Bill Kinnard, Grandy & Associates

The single highest cost of doing business within a company is the cost of non-billable time. This is time the field labor tech is paid for but cannot be charged directly to the customer. During this session we will look at the “real” cost of non-billable time and how to build that cost into the companies pricing. Just as importantly, we will look at lots of way to reduce non-billable time, therefore increasing the company over all net profit. Non-billable time can never be eliminated but it can be reduced and accounted for.

Seventeen (17) Business Tips for New, or Relatively New, Companies

Bill Kinnard, Grandy & Associates

New companies typically start up with little, to no, business experience and about the same amount of cash. The results are predictable. Over half of the companies go out of business the first year! This program is designed to give some basic “business” guidance for new and/or young companies. It’s hard to put systems in place when you don’t even know what the needed systems are. That is what this program is all about. It will cover everything from setting up a useable Chart of Accounts to monthly financial reviews.

How to Be Wildly Successful in Any Economy!

Bill Kinnard, Grandy & Associates

Who says things have to be slow in today’s economy? Many companies are notonly making it, they are growing and prospering....and your company needs to be one of them! The key is really quite simple “Be the best at what you do!” This session will help thecontractor do just that by covering topics like:

  • What to do when times are slow (evaluate the company, createsystems, etc.)
  • Three (3) things every customer wants from their contractor
  • Eight (8) things to learn from a VERY successful contractor
  • Seven (7) things you need to brainstorm with all your employees
  • Understanding the basic costs of doing business
  • Overcoming the fear factor of raising your rates

If you want your company to experience profitable growth in any economy, including this one, don’t miss this session!

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